Saturday, January 29, 2011

Leaving for Israel

Well the time has come. The bags are packed and weighed, almost everything is crossed off the list, and everything we think we will need is packed. It is hard to believe it is really happening! Please pray that we will be open to God's leading while we are there, that we will be a blessing to those that visit the Garden Tomb, and also a blessing to those that we will be working with. We will keep in touch.
Thank you for your prayers and all your good wishes!

Monday, January 17, 2011

Less than two weeks till we leave for Jerusalem and the Garden Tomb! We are very excited but have much to do before we are ready. Yesterday we shared with our church what we will be doing at the Garden Tomb. Tonight we shared with our bible study group. We are looking forward to meeting the others who serve in the Garden and working alongside them ove the next three months. It's amazing how the last year has flown by to bring us to this point - we are headed to Israel - to Jerusalem - to the Garden Tomb - to serve God. Lord, please give us servant hearts and give all the glory to God!

Don Weglo